We are the entry door to Blockchain for Businesses and Governments.

We ease the transition to blockchain for new adopters by matching them with startups within our ecosystem carefully selected for their capacity to deliver innovative blockchain technologies with a real use.

Blockrise In Short

Step 1

We educate the business about how blockchain can improve its operations.

We produce a tailored report about blockchain in the specific industry.

We select the startups that develop solutions answering the business’ needs (e.g: Transparency in the supply chain, Secured file storage etc…)

Step 2

We organise a first meeting between the startup and the business

We launch a pilot on a small part of the business’ operations within 2-3 months.

The business sends us fiat money and we take care of all the payments in cryptocurrencies with the startups

Step 3

After the pilot succeeded the startup implements the blockchain solution to the whole business.

We follow up with the business on the current implementation and make suggestions about implementing other solutions developed by more startups.


Charles Plenet de Badts,
Chief Executive Officer

Charles worked in different sectors such as Energy, Transportation, Real estate or Technology while advising and implementing companies and startups in emerging countries. His works allowed him to understand existing inefficiencies that the Blockchain technology could solve. After this finding, He decided to now focus on spreading Blockchain solutions. On top of setting up the strategy and business development for Blockrise, Charles also manages the Finance and Legal aspect of the company.

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Thomas Jaulin,
Chief Operation Officer

After investing in the early days of bitcoin, his focus shifted to the blockchain technology and its application to different industries such as banking, music and energy. He spoke in top universities and conferences in U.S and Europe as well as several banks such as Goldman Sachs to evangelize the potential of blockchain technology. At Blockrise, he drives the company’s vision and deals with daily operations.

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Garrett MacDonald,
Chief Technology Officer

Garrett founded a bitcoin mining hardware company in 2010, where he optimized GPU algorithms, and designed and built FPGA and ASIC hardware specialized for verifying transactions on the bitcoin network. After consulting for venture capital, financial organizations and startup, he realized he wanted to do something that will be beneficial for humankind, and the obvious answer is facilitating blockchain adoption. At Blockrise, Garrett manages the technology development and integration into existing real-world systems, and relations with startups/ corporate partners.

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Antoine Bouttier,
Startups Recruiter - Europe

Antoine has co-founded two startups. Usmile, a social network dedicated to humorous content, and NPNM, a bot providing daily debriefs of the news. He is now working for Breega, a VC which manages 150M Euros. He advises Blockrise in the startups selection process with a focus on Europe.

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Wan Feng Siow,
Audit Analyst

Wan Feng is a meticulous financial auditor. She gathers data about the cryptocurrencies industry and focuses on potential new startups applications .

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Kamel Magour,
Partnerships Manager

Kamel worked as an Energy Economist working for a leading Regulatory Agency - OFGM. From this experience, he co-founded the house of geek and Geeksters and now decided to concentrate his experience and effort towards the blockchain technology. He focus on how blockchain can bridge gaps between members of our ecosystem with a focus on the energy sector.

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Jack Green,
Chief Skepticism Officer

Jack has an experience working in digital marketing. He is among the skeptics regarding the adoption of cryptocurrencies. He helps us pushing forward our reflexion. He allows us to understand the point of view of those who do not believe in tokenomics yet. This helps us delivering our message in the most simple and concrete way to skeptics.

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Lucas Leger,
Smart contracts Theorist

Lucas is a PhD student at CNAM and member of LIRSA. He is writing his thesis on smart contracts and how to incorporate a legal aspect to them. His work consists in researching the best way to implement smart contracts within the Blockrise ecosystem to ease implementation scalability.

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Pierre Baranyanka,
Business Development Manager

Pierre worked as a project manager in several startups like Bumble before becoming a Commodities Trader at STX Services B.V. His quadrilingual skills paired with his extensive network will drive Blockrise business development. He focuses on creating long-term relationships with our partners. As well as, drawing the development strategy.

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Soubhi Ojjeh,
International Development

Soubhi has an avid interest in hospitality, working in different hotels around the world. He has helped raise funds for a pre-seed startup. He also has facilitated the implementation of technology in the MENA region. He is overseeing the international development and reaches to emerging countries in need for cutting-edge technologies.

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Oumar Sow,
Client Acquisition Manager - Africa

Oumar is an entrepreneur who built several businesses in Africa. He also introduced European and American companies to Africa in wide different sectors such as Agriculture, transportation. Previous experiences allowed him to realise that the lack of infrastructure is Africa’s weakness which a decentralised system such as the blockchain could tackle. He is managing Blockrise development in Africa.

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Dana Lattouf,
Startup Recruiter - Middle East

Dana is an entrepreneur who worked as a Technology consulting analyst for Accenture. This experience allows her to understand startups needs while being able to spot the best talents. She finds startups for Blockrise with a focus on Middle East.

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Max Song,
Startups Recruiter - Asia

Max graduated from Brown University and is a Schwarzman Scholars. He advises the CEO' of a 13B USD HK real estate company. He also conducts research into cutting edge fields and technology, interact and vets companies. He finds startups for Blockrise in Asia and give a meaningful impact to the data we collect.

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Adam Vaziri,
Blockchain Lawyer

Adam is a lawyer and set up Diacle in 2013 to assist blockchain projects with compliance. He is a tireless blockchain entrepreneur and labelled a ‘bitcoin pioneer’ by Bitcoin Magazine. Adam believes that regtech is required to reach blockchain mainstream adoption thus establishing QRC to fund and accelerate blockchain products that use regtech. He and his team handle contracts between Blockrise and our collaborators.

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Deborah Crowe,

Deborah worked at Fiducia and Isonomy as an Anti Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Compliance specialists. She also co-founded Love and Care Ltd to empower businesses helping our planet. She oversees the KYC for Blockrise by checking the identity and origin of the funds of every token holder.

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Advisory Board

Gregory Besson,
CEO at ABE and Livingcolor

Greg has a MBA and a experience of 20 years in IT. He created an industrialized web development studio composed by 70 skilled developers. He also Co-Founded ADFAB and held the postion of CTO. His clients includes Blablacar, Accorhotel, Française des jeux or Harley davidson. He also created a new model of development studio based on agile principles and inspired by game dev studios.

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Philippe Misteli,
Director of transformation at HMY

Philippe has 30 years of experience in International Finance, Development, Restructuring and Transformation, Corporate Relations, Investor Relations, Information Systems, Internal Audit, FP&A, Accounting, Treasury, HR. He held CFO and executive positions at Unilever, EuroDisney, Royal Numico, Kaufman & Broad.

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Kim Hansen,
CEO of Enhanced Society

Kim has co-founded Impossible, a global design and engineering company, currently 60 people strong, which helps companies like Google, Samsung and Roche. Kim also co-founded and built Braveno, a blockchain / fintech startup which provides a white label NASDAQ quality trading platform to some of the world’s biggest financial institutions.

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Olivier Orlandini,
CFO at Groupe Acapace

Before joining Groupe Acapace, Olivier Worked as group consolidation director of Atos. This experience allows him to have a global understanding of the IT Services corporations such as transactional services, unified communications, cloud, data computing and cyber security. Domains in which blockchain intervene.

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At Blockrise Ltd, we select the most reliable ICOs and distribute their tokens. We are an official distributor of Blockpass tokens: https://www.blockpass.org/token/

Blockpass is a KYC solution that lets individuals KYC only once. Their identity is stored on the blockchain eliminating the need to constantly submit KYC data for every financial service or retailer they sign up for. The app is already up and running and you can download it from the App Store or Google Store.

Blockrise uses Blockpass for the KYC of every investor who invests in the different tokens we offer. The token price is EUR 0.08 and we offer a 5% bonus to the first 200 investors.

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